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Debt collection is a dirty business. Collection agents use intimidating and relentless tactics when trying to collect on a debt. For the American consumer, these tactics may mean that they are receiving collection calls at work, at home or even in the late evening and early morning hours. Fortunately, people can take control of this situation and end the harassing collection calls by speaking to an experienced attorney.

Florida collection law dictates how a debt collection agent may go about collecting a debt. Most of the time, these agents assume that American consumers do not know about the protections afforded to them under the law. They then engage in harassing, intimidating and embarrassing collection activities that, many times, are illegal.

With the help of an attorney, individuals may be able to end the harassing phone calls and exercise the rights afforded to them under Florida law.Depending on the situation, an attorney may negotiate with debt collectors to reach an arrangement that works for both parties. In the event that bankruptcy is the best option, the same attorney may also be able to help file the petition and end the collection activity through the automatic stay process.

It doesn’t matter if the harassing collection activity is in reference to credit cards, mortgage payments or auto loans, an attorney may be able to help address the issues and end the harassment. Every American consumer is given protection against harassment under the law. However, debt collection and bankruptcy laws are complex and gaining a comprehensive understanding of these rights may require the help of a trusted legal professional.